August 23, 2020


At this time of year we are usually busily preparing for Septembers class and the new term; sadly the current worldwide pandemic has changed things for everyone. It is our regret to inform all our past, current and future students that our weekly Art classes at Mountfield are being suspended until next year or when the virus situation is under control.

Your safety has always been at the forefront of our concerns and now more than ever, we wish to keep you all protected from any rogue contagion. Mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing is currently required in all public confined areas – but the best way to evade infection is to avoid such situations and places unless absolutely necessary.

We all hope that 2021 will see an improvement locally, nationally and worldwide in the spread and treatment of this horrid virus so we can continue coming together to learn and share our joy of Art. We really hope you have found time to immerse yourself in your unique creativity and we are happy for you to share your pictures with us via our social media facebook group ‘Mountfield Community Arts’

We will keep you updated on the situation in the new year, in the meantime, stay safe, stay protected and keep drawing and painting.


Our fondest best wishes,

Barbara and Juliette



Hello everyone, it’s inevitable that our classes will have to stop for a few weeks while the world deals with the Covid -19 virus.

Meanwhile take this enforced break to be creative and carry on your artistic journey, luckily we have the internet and can still be social, if not face to face we can still be connected.

I have created a facebook group that you are all very welcome to join,  I can only invite members who are on my fb friends so please find the group in the search bar- type in ‘Mountfield Community Arts‘ under ‘groups’ and ‘Request to join’ to gain access.

Think of it as a big class and both Barbara and I will be posting virtual ‘Lessons’ with tasks and even demonstrations posts, discussions and projects

The group is private so only members can see the content and post photos and comments.

You have to have a facebook profile to be able to access this resource and hopefully we will all be able to carry on enjoying this much needed distraction.



Starting on Tuesday 25th February, this intensive 5 week course will open up the wonderful translucent medium of watercolour paints, while concentrating on portraiture as the subject.

Explore the tonal qualities of these traditional water activated pigments to achieve rich depths and exciting layers in an easy to follow and gentle introduction session.

Valuable Step by step demonstrations from the tutor begin every lesson to help and inspire the eager learner, progressing from a build up of transparent washes to working on wet paper. Watch the magic happen before your eyes as the glorious colours clash and mingle to create vibrating textures and new variations.

This course also teaches the vitally important secrets of successful colour mixing that you will never forget, ensuring your artistic eye is able to analyse any future subject you choose to paint.

You will never look at the world the same way again!

*  This is where the term ‘Waiting for paint to dry’ originates *

Students will need a selection of fine brushes (not bristle) that have a point, clean watercolour paint set ( blocks or tubes) a plastic pallet and Watercolour paper.

Water pots and kitchen roll will be supplied.

Very limited spaces, working from a variety of models, £65 for 5 week course.

Tuesday 25th Feb, 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th March – 10 am to 12.30

Mountfield Village Hall – there has been a lot of rain recently and the road next to the village pond is flooded, please drive very slowly through the water.

Tutor – Juliette Dodd ( 01424) 424010 email.




December 27, 2019

Happy New Year to all our past, current and future students, wishing you all a creative and exciting artistic adventure for the fresh decade.

We look forward to seeing you all again when our weekly classes start on Tuesday 7th January.

PORTRAITS with Juliette Dodd – Tuesday morning 10 am – 12.30 pm

We start by a summery in Pastels, hoping you haven’t forgotten all that has been covered so far with the different pastel techniques; this session includes overlaying of all the colours to create depth.

From 14th January  – PORTRAITS in WATERCOLOUR PENCILS – 5 week intensive course concentrating on the different applications and effects of drawing with paint.

Working from a variety of different models and using all the drawing skills as well as introducing colours and handy tips for this fantastic introduction to painting.

Fee – £65 for 5 week course

Limited spaces please ring or email Juliette ( 01424) 424010

N.B – If the weather is too bad all classes will be cancelled, no one should drive in snow and ice.

ART CLASSES with Barbara Valentine – Tuesday 1pm – 3.30, Wednesday 10 am – 12.30

Barbara is pleased to welcome back all the regular and new students to her friendly and jolly classes.

Fresh flowers and seasonal fauna arranged in perfect still life compositions provided every session, to inspire the budding botanical artist. Exciting demonstrations to add variety to your paintings, mixed media tuition for the experimental amongst you. Additional fun can be had painting on boxes and other unusual surfaces – the possibilities are endless, be brave and try something different!

For bookings and further information call Barbara ( 01424) 838264 or email




Intensive 5 week PASTEL PORTRAIT course starting on Tuesday 19th November ’19.

Working from a range of different models, you will be guided through the wonderful medium of chalk pastels, with step by step demonstrations from the tutor.

Learn handy tips and try a variety of techniques to create your own Artworks: with bright, vibrant colours blended to soft subtle tones by over laying.  Watch how the colours react with each other and enhance your creative output.

This course is aimed at all abilities and ages, come with an open mind and old clothes.

Limited places to this popular course, early booking essential.

WHEN – 10 am – 12.30 pm Tuesday 19th, 26th November, 3rd and 10th December  * Christmas break * final session 7th January.

WHERE – Mountfield Village Hall, TN32

FEE – £60

INFO – Please wear old clothes or an apron, pastels are dusty but don’t stain. There are A2 size boards at the venue plus some travel easels, paper, charcoal/chalk can be supplied at cost. Refreshments £1

* This Portrait will be shown at The November Art Show at Powdermills Hotel Gallery, Battle from 16th – 24th November  10am – 4pm daily. Juliette will be drawing quick Pastel portraits on a ‘drop- in’ basis during the weekend afternoons during the exhibition, 1-3 pm. Bring your loved ones for a special picture, takes about 20-30 minutes.


MERMAID workshop 31st Oct

October 21, 2019

The final day of this year Battle Festival, an amazing celebration of the Arts throughout October, will be the date for this special workshop.

Working from the lovely model dressed as a magical MERMAID – be inspired and release your creative side – lots of art materials on hand to help your imagination flourish with the undersea theme.

During the school holidays so all ages and abilities are welcome. Materials provided including water based paints, pastels, coloured pencils, glue and collage treasures.


Date – Thursday 31st October

Time – 10 am – 12 noon

Place – Shepherd Room, Battle Memorial Hall

Tickets – £25 from The Crafty Norman, Art supplies 9, High Street Battle, Tel.(01424) 773453


As part of this years Battle Festival celebrating Nature and the Environment, a very special Art Workshop held by tutor Juliette Dodd entitled ‘FAERIE’

We are lucky to be working from an ethereal live model dressed as a mythical woodland spirit; to beguile and inspire us to lose traditional inhibitions and release the inner artist, revelling in the pure joy of creation.

This is a mixed media session working with watercolour pencils, pastels, coloured pencils and pens with the added magic ingredient of collage. Let your imagination go wild with texture and layers, glue and sequins, iridescent wings flutter as twinkling fireflies flit around filling the picture with beauty.

Some collage materials will be provided including glue and additional magic, just bring paper and your favourite drawing things, an open mind and willingness to experiment.

The simple joys of play are the richest.


Held on Wednesday 16th October at 10am- 12.00

Shepherd Room , Battle Memorial Hall

Tickets £25 from The Crafty Norman – Art Supplies 9 High Street, Battle Tel. ( 01424) 773453


September 11, 2019


Tuesday Morning – PORTRAIT DRAWING class – with Juliette Dodd

Due to late holidays there will be a staggered introduction, with new students starting last week and during the following few weeks. It’s not too late to learn the basic skills of achieving a likeness from the very beginning – following step by step demonstrations and formulas for every aspect of drawing the face, explained and simplified.

As a tutor I prefer dealing with small groups as each student has their own journey, some need more help and others more encouragement to step out of their safety zone. My greatest joy is having lots of happy people at the end of a session, knowing they have all actually learnt something new – whatever age!

This course starts with the traditional and familiar graphite pencil, revisiting mark making and different types of tonal shading that are often overlooked in favour of more colourful mediums.

Pencil drawing is the foundations of all artwork, spending time exploring and enforcing your drawing skills will benefit all creative endeavours and adventures to come; it’s akin to learning your ABCs before you rush into writing your book.

Portrait Drawing Course 10 am – 12.30pm

Held at Mountfield Village Hall, ongoing dates except East Sussex School holidays.

For further information and bookings please ring (01424) 424010 or email –



September 2, 2019

fullsizeoutput_819aDo we draw the shadows or the highlights?

Is it black on white or white on black?

Either approach will give striking results so come and join in the fun, revisiting familiar mediums and taking then to their limits.

The drawing term of the Tuesday morning PORTRAIT class starts on 10th September   with 10 weeks of mark making using graphite pencils, contè pencils, ink pens, black and white pencils and charcoal with chalk.

Working from an amazing range of character models for this special introduction to the Art of Portraiture – your confidence and drawing skills will improve rapidly as well as making new friends and exercising your creative brain.

10 week PORTRAIT term – £130 or £14 drop-in fee

Tutor – Juliette Dodd

Venue – Mountfield Village Hall, TN32 5LG 

Time – 10 am – 12.30 pm 

Book your place – (01424) 424010 or

Course has a half term break coincinding with the East Sussex school holidays during the last week if October, venue has drawing boards and full disabled access and facilities.

Refreshments are served during each session for £1 including a choice of hot drinks and chocolate biscuits.



WEEKLY ART CLASSES with qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors 

Courses begin on Tuesday 10th September  –  to suit all artistic tastes and directions, come and learn new skills, brush up old talents and excel under expert guidance.

All our courses are designed for the absolute beginner as well as the eager improver and are taught in a gentle informative pace including easy to follow step by step demonstrations.

We run our classes during East Sussex school term times so any student on Grand-parenting duty won’t miss out, unless the grand-children are in Scotland!

Weekly sessions include PORTRAITS with Juliette Dodd held on Tuesday mornings 10 am – 12.30.

Providing a huge range of different models over the course, hand picked to be the most inspiring and visually challenging for each type of medium being used.

This course is the perfect introduction to observational drawing and is based on traditional Art studies that have been lost over the years, with individually tailored teaching for all participants to achieve their aesthetic goals.

While the subject is the human form and face, each session concentrates on the use of a different medium, ranging from pencils, pen and ink to soft charcoal. The first 10 week term covers all the dry drawing mediums for an amazing journey through tone and mark making that will open all possibilities and release creative pathways.

Ten week term for PORTRAITS – £130 – £14 for drop-in session.

Please reserve you place on this course by contacting Juliette ~ (01424) 424010 email


Barbara Valentine runs two weekly classes, Tuesday afternoon 1 pm – 3.30 and Wednesday Morning 10 – 12.30.

Each class is designed to inform and inspire individual students unique artistic journey – tailored to meet all the needs and fulfil the learners creative endeavours.

Barbara is a renown, award winning miniature painter as well as an expert draughtsman with outstanding painting skills; all this accumulated knowledge she is happy to pass on to her group through demonstration and examples.

Botanical Art is particularly encouraged and the love of flowers is almost revered with seasonal still life prepared for every class from Barbara’s amazing garden.

This is a fun, friendly class where you will mingle and make life long friends as well as learning exciting new painting techniques and share your experience with like minded fellows.

!0 week term – £95 or a £10 drop-in fee

For enrolment and queries ring Barbara on ( 01424) 838264 or email ~


From a recent painting workshop.