Degas Pastel Techniques

March 24, 2018

During the Degas pastel workshop I tried to take progress shots to show the building up of colours. Using a similar loose style to this Impressionist artist.

My version of ‘The Absinth Drinker’ by Latrec, this is titled ‘The Gin Sipper.’

Scroll down the images,

Keeping the pastel strokes visible with no blending.

IMG_0043Laying on the many colours, bright ones first.

Keeping the whole composition loose with no hard edges to tie you too.


Colours are toned down using charcoal.  Change some surface contour lines to show form.


For depth of darkness use Black pastel or compressed charcoal.



Background and still life kept loose so the eye is drawn to the Portrait.

IMG_0078The End.

I hope that helped you to have a go using this approach with pastels  – do it the Degas way!


2 Responses to “Degas Pastel Techniques”

  1. Debbie Gillett Says:

    this looks fascinating. Are you doing any more pastel courses?

    thanks regards debbie


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